Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management is the traditional service that people think of when hiring a Financial Professional.  We manage your assets and investments for you, based on your personal goals and comfort with risk.

In addition to the comfort of having your assets managed by a professional, you'll also receive a personalized strategic financial plan, tailored to your needs and goals, along with access to exclusive financial education and up-to-date market and economic information.

There are 2 types of accounts that people can choose from for managing their investments:

Fee-Based Accounts

Most of the clients at Diamond Pointe Financial are invested in a fee-based account.

There are no commissions paid for the buying and selling of different investments or individual stocks and bonds. The advantage with this account is that a fee for service is paid to the financial professional instead of commissions.

This fee is set 1.25% annually based on the assets held in that account.

Rebalancing the portfolio does not cost extra and the financial professional's compensation is tied directly to the fluctuations of your portfolio. There are many different types of investments can be purchased from different families of products which gives all investors, regardless of balance, access to a mixture of options.

Commission-Based Accounts

There are some rare occasions when a transactional account has favored the client's interests, depending on needs or costs.

The financial professional would be compensated on each transaction, which is why these accounts are only used when necessary.

Other Opportunities

Life Insurance, Alternative Investments and other products may carry costs outside of the typical investment account that are determined by each individual provider.  Those products will only be considered when needed and those costs will be discussed and documented before purchase.

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